The Convention for Pan-Africanism and Progress (CPP) is a global political organization that seeks to build a universal alliance in the 21st century based on an endogenous African philosophy called Ubuntu. Committed to the creation of the United Nations of Africa, it also aims to the construction of the Great African Historical Reconstruction.  This vision encompasses several pillars, including philosophical, spiritual, educational, cultural, social, economic, technological and political.


The CPP’s mission is to establish a grassroots organization, a political movement and incubator for a civilizational project that places human beings at the center of the political, social, economic, and cultural life of Africa and the world for the peace, shared prosperity, constant inventiveness and progress.


The Convention for Pan-Africanism and Progress pursues a set of objectives which include and are not limited to the following:

  1. To promote the values of Ubuntu namely solidarity, togetherness, unity, sharing, and shared prosperity among Africans and peoples of African descent.
  2. To promote good governance, the rule of law, and equal opportunity
  3. To protect and promote women’s and disabled persons’ rights
  4. To help develop self-help, self-sufficient, self-reliant communities called Ubuntu Communities Development (UCD)
  5. To promote African spiritual unity and to encourage African spiritual leaders and spiritual leaders of African descent of all confessions to spread the message of Africa’s redemption and unity. 
  6. To promote Ubuntu-driven corporate social responsibility
  7. To promote ethical leadership


In performing its mission, the CPP members decisions and actions should be guided by the values of Ubuntu, which are togetherness, progress, individual and communal welfare. In the spirit of fairness and equity the members of CPP abide by, they want to reduce the disparities in the society by promoting a sense of communal empowerment, by creating an environment of humanness in which no one should be deprived from the basic rights. In addition, other values such as service, sacrifice, love, perseverance, candor, patience, humility, integrity, transparency, excellence, accountability, and trust should also be the guiding lines of CPP.


The Convention for Pan-Africanism and Progress organizes and executes a number of campaigns in the implementation of its mission. The list of campaigns includes:

  • Elimination of African and Caribbean countries’ Debt
  • Restitution and Reparation for Africa and its peoples
  • Produce Africa Campaign
  • Buy Africa Campaign
  • The Anti-CFA Franc Campaign 
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Ubuntu-driven Corporate Social Responsibility
  • African Liberation Day
  • Decolonization of Space
  • African Invention Day
  • African Cuisine Day
  • Africa Health Day
  • Congo Week
  • Restitution of African Artwork
  • Get Rid of Judicial Wig Campaign

Partners: Friends of the Congo: www.friendsofthecongo.org; United for Health Foundation Ghana: www.ufhghana.org



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