Ubuntu Philosophy

The Ubuntu philosophy as the transcendental ideology of the movement is the foundation of a psycho-cultural revolution that the movement is seeking to promote and will serve in the building of a new African persona, whereby African people become the agents and actors of their own political, economic and cultural liberation.

The adoption of Ubuntu is an afro-centric paradigm shift as its essence is celebrated throughout today’s Africa while it claims the Ancient Egyptian civilization, in an expression of the return to the source. Ubuntu which correlates individual welfare to collective welfare encompasses the notions of shared prosperity, togetherness, sharing, collective consciousness, community empowerment, communal responsibility, individual & collective self-reliance, and self-sufficiency. The principles of Ubuntu applied to various sectors of the society would help in the building of

  • an African spiritual unity,
  • a new African and endogenous democratic system and culture,
  • an Ubuntu economy
  • an African cultural revolution, with a new African personhood endowed with moral capital and strong moral values
  • a social cohesion architecture
  • an Ubuntu corporate management


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