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The Convention for Pan-Africanism and Progress (CPP) vows to galvanize transformational solutions to the multiple battles the continent of Africa is engaged in, namely the battle for the soul of Africa, the battle of identity, and the battle of ideas.  In promoting a vision of inventiveness, innovation, shared prosperity, and progress, the CPP strives for the advent of a cultural revolution that would create a new African personality, agent, and actor of his or her own economic, political, and cultural liberation based on Ubuntu.

The Convention for Pan-Africanism and Progress is therefore engaging individuals, families, communities, and neighborhoods, as it is helping create self-developed, self-help, self-sufficient, and self-reliant communities, a network of interconnected agencies called the Ubuntu Development Communities that will be cornerstones of the Grand African Historical Reconstruction and the building blocks of the United Nations of Africa.

The civilizational project based on Ubuntu should be built stone by stone, brick by brick, block by block, cities by cities, states by states, nations by nations, and also from the bottom up.



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