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Who We Are

The Convention for Pan-Africanism and Progress (CPP) is a political movement, an intergenerational nongovernment organization which is committed to promoting a vision of shared prosperity and progress for Africa based on the Ubuntu philosophy, to establishing a universal alliance for the creation of the United Nations of Africa (UNA), and to the building of the Grand African Historical Reconstruction. The CPP’s endeavor is to revive the deferred dreams, the unfulfilled promises, and the unattained hopes of the Pan-African ancestors. The CPP is the confluence of various streams of thoughts, actions, and activities within the Pan-African world. Its architects are Africans, Afro-descendants, and friends of Africa who are freedom lovers, justice seekers, African unity builders, African redemption charters and agents.

What We Do

The Convention for Pan-Africanism and Progress (CPP) vows to galvanize transformational solutions to the multiple battles the continent of Africa is engaged in, namely the battle for the soul of Africa, the battle of identity, and the battle of ideas.  In promoting a vision of inventiveness, innovation, shared prosperity, and progress, the CPP strives for the advent of a cultural revolution that would create a new African personality, agent, and actor of his or her own economic, political, and cultural liberation based on Ubuntu.

The Convention for Pan-Africanism and Progress is therefore engaging individuals, families, communities, and neighborhoods, as it is helping create self-developed, self-help, self-sufficient, and self-reliant communities, a network of interconnected agencies called the Ubuntu Development Communities that will be cornerstones of the Grand African Historical Reconstruction and the building blocks of the United Nations of Africa.

The civilizational project based on Ubuntu should be built stone by stone, brick by brick, block by block, cities by cities, states by states, nations by nations, and also from the bottom up.

Naming of the Organization

The Convention for Pan-Africanism and Progress builds on the tradition of a historic political movement with which it shares the same acronym (CPP), the Convention of People’s Party. The historic CPP, created by Kwame Nkrumah, contributed to the struggle for the independence of Ghana, to the total liberation of Africa, and the expansion of Pan-Africanism. The Convention for Pan-Africanism and Progress claims the spirit of the historical CPP, adapts it to the current realities, contingencies, exigencies, and urgencies of the 21st century.


The Convention for Pan-Africanism and Progress (CPP)is the cradle of an Ubuntu-driven Pan-Africanism which aims at implementing a civilizational project that puts the human being at the center of all. It comes at a timely moment.This is a defining moment for Africa which it is experiencing a reawakening from North to South and East to West. There is a people power movement against constitutional change and police brutality as well as the intensification of the fight for economic justice, for comprehensive sovereignty of the continent. Within this context, the year 2020 is a culminating revolutionary moment not only for Africa but also for the world thanks to the universalization of the Black Lives Matter, the destruction of symbols, artifacts, and reminders of oppression, and the crumbling of the neo-liberal world view whose inefficiencies and deficiencies have been exposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The re-wakening is being characterized by the resurgence of Pan-Africanism, internationalism, and alternative frameworks and worldviews. Seizing the moment, groups of Pan-Africanists, justice lovers, and freedom seekers who have been working for years to advance Pan-Africanism and internationalism decided to create a new organization, the Convention for Pan-Africanism and Progress (CPP).



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