CPP Campaigns

The Convention for Pan-Africanism and Progress organizes and executes a number of campaigns in the implementation of its mission. The list of campaigns includes:

  • Elimination of African and Caribbean countries’ Debt
  • Restitution and Reparation for Africa and its peoples
  • Produce Africa Campaign
  • Buy Africa Campaign
  • The Anti-CFA Franc Campaign 
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Ubuntu-driven Corporate Social Responsibility
  • African Liberation Day
  • Decolonization of Space
  • African Invention Day
  • African Cuisine Day
  • Africa Health Day
  • Congo Week
  • Restitution of African Artwork
  • Get Rid of Judicial Wig Campaign

Partners: Friends of the Congo: www.friendsofthecongo.org; United for Health Foundation Ghana: www.ufhghana.org



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